Our Favorite Trail Mix

A couple weeks ago we were swimming with friends and when we took the requisite snack break and were sharing our snacks, we went crazy over their trail mix!

I am not a "nut person," and I am REALLY not a trail mix person—there's something about the texture of raisins that gets me (and makes my teeth feel like they're crumbling?) and I don't typically like all the different nuts and dried fruit mixed together.

This trail mix, though, is all nuts, with the exception of some coconut chips, which are delicious. It omits some of my least favorite nuts, and the saltiness makes everything more tolerable to a non-nut person.

I had never endeavored to make my own trail mix because I thought it would have to involve seasoning it, baking it, etc. Nope, with this one you just mix a bunch of different things in a bowl and you're done!

I've been making a big batch once a week and everyone has loved it. It will surely be a new staple around here!

(forgive the unstaged photo and my dirty stove—this was me taking a picture of all the ingredients so I could repurchase from the store)

Here's the recipe/non-recipe:

lightly salted peanuts

lightly salted cashews

lightly salted almonds

Emerald honey glazed cashews (a key ingredient!)

coconut chips (these are different than the shredded coconut that you bake with)

Mix with a spoon, and prepare for it to fly off the shelf!

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