Self Care: Lunch for Mom

I've written before about what self care does and doesn't look like for me right now, and a huge part of what it does look like is feeding myself well.

While my lunch salad is still going strong, I have a new favorite lunch lately!

This was born of me craving my favorite veggie sandwich from our town's bakery combined with the daily rain we've been experiencing and my desire to avoid lugging a heavy baby through a downpour to get said sandwich. I had to get creative with what I had.

We generally have all the below ingredients on hand, and especially during farmer's market season when we visit the "pickle man" on a weekly basis, we often have an entire refrigerator shelf devoted to olives and other pickled and/or Mediterranean-type condiments because everyone in our family loves them.

To a flour tortilla (I like these) I added:


thinly sliced cucumbers


mixed Greek olives

thinly sliced avocado

goat cheese

Greek dressing

It was delicious! Fresh, filling enough for a pregnant/nursing woman, but not overly filling to make me sluggish. Most importantly, it gives me energy to do all I need to do between the hours of lunch and dinner!

I've since made it every day this week, and although I'm not a wife who makes lunch for her husband, I even made Nick one for work today because he was intrigued by it.

Other additions that I think would be great:

chopped tomatoes

marinated mushrooms

sundried tomatoes


tzatziki (which I added to Nick's this morning because he didn't want goat cheese)

Do you have any go-to lunches?

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