Celebrating 10 Years

I've been trying to write this post since our actual anniversary over a week ago, but the end of the school year and beginning of summer have been chock full of activity, so here we are!

We just celebrated a decade of marriage! How did that happen? It really did go so quickly, yet I also feel like I've spent my whole life with Nick. (And since we started dating at age 19, I guess I've almost spent as many years with him as without!)

I've never been able to identify with the idea that marriage is hard work. Being Nick's wife is not hard work. He makes my life better, and easier in lots of ways, although I know the goal of life (at least not mine) isn't to have it be easy. Yes, LIFE can be hard, and KIDS are hard, and we've had plenty of challenging days/weeks/months, but that's because we're two imperfect people doing life together. I can't imagine navigating it all with anyone else.

We celebrated on our actual anniversary with a "lively" dinner out with the kids, which we marketed as a partial anniversary, partial end-of-school celebration, and which amounted to herding cats (or as Nick likes to call it, lighting money on fire), as most meals with small children do.

And this week we were lucky to be able to get away for a quick two-night getaway, just the two of us, to Easton, Maryland, and had a wonderful time. My expectations for the trip were super low and all I wanted was some good food, uninterrupted conversation, and rest, and I'm happy to report my expectations were more than exceeded!

We spent almost the whole time in St. Michael's, MD, which we fell in love with, and which was just about a ten-minute drive away from Easton. We had a handful of restaurant and activity recommendations from my parents, who were recently in Easton/St. Michael's with friends, and a sorority sister who is from Easton (thanks Kristen!).

Favorite spots:

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum—we spent part of both days here, and Nick was in heaven. Museums/gaining knowledge is his love language. I am not a museum-goer by any stretch, but they did a really nice job with this "living museum." I could see bringing older kids here.

Hunter's Tavern (the restaurant attached to our hotel)

Rise Up Coffee Roasters + the Mad Eggs food truck

Hill's Cafe and Juice Bar (adorable hidden breakfast spot within an old-school pharmacy—no one under age 80 in sight, so perfect for us!)

Gina's (funky hipster taco + margarita spot)

The Crab Claw (touristy spot with so-so food but great location right on the water)

And my favorite activity of all: we last-minute booked a sailing charter on the beautiful Selina II for the morning we left, and took a two-hour cruise around the Miles River. It was so lovely and relaxing! To us, there is nothing better than being ON the water (not IN the water).

Of course none of this would've been possible without my amazing mother, who came and stayed with the kids while we were gone. It's no easy task, but she did it so well, and everyone was happy and well-cared for while we were gone. In fact, no one seemed to miss us at all! Maybe we should get away more often than once every 2.5 years (which is our current rate)? :)

Here's to the next 10 x 10!

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