A Little Bit of Perspective

I kicked off the weekend with an ER visit yesterday for an allergic reaction, likely to a prescription hand cream I had used three times (!).

I am immensely grateful to my parents, who dropped everything to come up and take care of the kids and house, and make chicken noodle soup and do laundry (Mom) and drive to multiple pharmacies to fill my prescriptions in light of an Epi-Pen market shortage (Dad).

I'm also so grateful to my sweet friend Toni, who was my own personal ambulance! I had texted her that morning asking whether she would go to urgent care or the ER with my symptoms (enormously swollen ears, swollen neck, mouth, eyes, hives all over my neck and chest) because Nick and I eternally disagree over extremity of measures to be taken in health situations, and it turns out she had an appointment right near the hospital that morning, so she dropped me at the ER and picked me up on her way home!

Also so thankful for our excellent hospital. I may be a skeptical curmudgeon when it comes to conventional healthcare, but when you might be bordering on anaphylaxis, it's comforting to know you're in good hands.

When I got home, I just wanted to squeeze my family. In the grand scheme of health things, I know it could've been way worse, but I'm grateful for a little bit of perspective and the reminder to slow down, soak in these little people and my sweet husband, and let the unimportant things go.

Here's to a weekend of slow mornings, messy houses, getting outside (because it's finally in the double digits again!), celebrating potty victories (however few), making soup and bread, and enjoying my family.

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