Gift Guide: Toddlers + Preschoolers

For the second installment in my gift guide: older toddlers and preschoolers.

(If you missed it, here is the first installment for babies + young toddlers.)

Our favorite toys tend to fall into one of four categories: open-ended play, gross motor, musical, and building + puzzles.


Dolls + accessories — We love Corolle dolls because they are lifelike, smell divine, and their bodies are soft. Mimi has slept with this one every night since she was one and this is the next size up for older toddlers.

I've found that with dolls, the fewer accessories the better. A blanket, maybe a bottle, and a baby carrier.

We love this doll carrier, above (purchased from Magic Cabin), but they seem to have discontinued it. I am typically a good Internet-scourer for obscure items but this one really eludes me. I believe it's a French brand and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Please let me know if you successfully can! I think Etsy would probably be a really good source for something like this (I would search for "doll fabric moses basket").

Cash register

Play kitchen

Tea set

Fort clips (we have two sets of four and you really can't have enough of these things--so fun!) + playsilks make for endless fort-building, dressups, and more

This cleaning set is in constant use

Bolga baskets for playing market and corralling all the play food in an attractive container

Shopping cart

Dress-ups of all kinds (we love these wings)


Bilibos! So multifunctional. I'd recommend one for each child.

A tunnel for the wintertime crazies

Mini trampoline


Colorful ukelele

Recorder (ages 5+)


Puzzles (starter, floor, and more advanced)

As many Magnatiles as your budget allows! We have two sets of 100 and it's never enough.

All kinds of blocks

I hope this helps! Let me know if there are any categories you'd like to see added!

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