Eloiseisms + Ameliaisms

(photo from their big NYC sleepover with their aunt and uncle a couple weeks ago!)

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Here are some of the latest and greatest soundbites from around here.


"Sometimes you just have to bury things when they're out of control."

"You have one big job taking care of three kiddies."

(After I put Mimi down for a nap and then was putting George down for a nap while Mimi was crying, Eloise went into her room and put her down for a nap) "You weren't tickling Mimi's arm so I can handle this. I'm just doing my job."

"I situated that out."

(to my mom) "You can't feed George because you don't have those milk-makers like Mommy has."

"I'm using my computer brain."

"I think I'm going to sloth for a minute."

"When I learn something new I feel a little bit proud of myself."

"When I pray to Jesus every night my eyes fill up with tears because I love him so much."

bank = "cash store"

"I’m so glad I got picked up at the hospital by the Baldwins. It’s where I really wanted to be."

(about a woman who was pregnant with twins) "I bet his mommy is having a hard time."

(after Mimi said she had to go "papa" which she said means bathroom in Spanish) "Actually bathroom is 'al baño' and 'papa' means potato in Spanish."


(when she was angry with Eloise) "I'm going to eat you for dinner!"

bathing suit = "swimming costume"

"Are you keeping me crumbly?" (keeping her company)

"That's all I can hold" (when she's full)

(whenever I ask George a question) "He don't know to say anything."

(to me) "You can bend down now because you don't have a baby in your tummy!"

heartbeat = "heart bump"

She always says "Hi little fluffy guy!" to George

(her version of the end of Humpty Dumpty) "He had a great fall and he had a great boo-boo"

(playing pretend one day) "We are going to the town of Costco"

"You are a busy workin' mommy"

(after I told her we don't run into the road because we could get run over by a car) "Then we'd have to go and buy another foot. Like a purple foot or a fuzzy foot."

"I love the hospital. Can we go there tomorrow and get another baby? I want this baby to be a girl baby."

referring to Jesus as "when God was a baby"

(after a haircut with the black robe on) "I'm Pastor Jones!"

(when the radio was on) "I think that's God singing on the speaker. A girl god."

she always pulls George's high chair right next to her at breakfast time and says "It’s nice to have George in my area."

(to me without makeup on) "I don’t think you are pretty in that face but you are still pretty"

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