A Dinner Hack

This is something I've been doing lately that is saving a bit of sanity.

Sunday: roast or grill lots and lots of veggies (400* for 20-25 minutes) and a double or triple portion of protein (usually chicken or sausage).

Sunday dinner example: roasted veggies + sausages with bread + olive oil dipper

Then, the next two nights I repurpose the veggies and meat.

Monday dinner example: pasta with chopped roasted veggies + sausage + parm

Tuesday dinner example: stuffed baked potatoes with roasted veggies (sausage is usually gone at this point so if we have bacon, which we usually do, I'll cook some and add it here), guacamole and/or sour cream and/or cheese.

I'll also make roasted veggie + cheese quesadillas (which I'll forever remember as the food I ate the night I went into labor with George), and I also love the veggie sandwiches from The Dinner Plan and make them at least a couple times a month. I add a little bit of salami because Nick and Eloise love it and serve the meal deconstructed for the girls--bread, mozzarella, roasted veggies, salami.

Voila--cook once, eat three times!

Do you have any favorite dinner hacks?

(at least one of us is happy to be in the kitchen)

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