Reclaiming Sunday

I originally had this post titled "Taking Back Sunday" and it sounded vaguely familiar--maybe a movie title?--and after a quick Google search I now know it's a band. I used to be current with these things!

There are four things I try to do each weekend:

  • a load of laundry

  • restocking ALL the household things: toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, hand soaps, diapers, wipes, etc

  • refill everyone's vitamin holders

  • my to-do list for the upcoming week

This might not seem like much, but the normal to-dos of daily living/child-wrangling are usually more than enough to keep me busy, and anything extra takes time and is not necessarily how I want to spend my weekend. Especially if we have anything social going on, a lot of these tasks get pushed to Sunday, and we have gotten to the end of many Sundays feeling like we just ran a marathon. And then the next week begins and we are starting on empty.

Lately I've been making a conscious effort to set aside Sunday as a free day to fill myself back up. I'm aware this is basically the oldest idea in the book--the Sabbath! But it's never really been something I've tried to actively practice, and I'm seeing that it has immense benefits. By front-loading some of these things on to Friday/Saturday, when Sunday comes around I can be with my family, go to church if we end up going (we took this week off because potty training is still nottttttt where we need it to be to be in public!), and relax a bit. Yesterday all the kids napped and I catnapped and read a book! And without guilt or preoccupation because I had nothing hanging over my head.

The kids woke up from naps and we took them out for ice cream--or rather, we took them to the ice cream shop, picked up the ice cream and brought it home to eat so we could get dinner started and, more importantly, avoid a potty accident.

I've always loved the quote "A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content."

How do you spend your Sundays?

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