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Hello! I haven't meant to be away for so long. I've just been...busy? Yes, but not really more than usual. Pregnant? Oh yes, I haven't mentioned that here yet! Which I'm sure accounts for some of the radio silence, but still not really. Mostly, I've just been content.

Sometimes I feel like things get posted on social media out of a person's loneliness, discontentment/anxiety, or competitiveness. And I've kind of just been existing in my world, showing up every day for my people, and feeling thankful for all of it.

Things I have been doing:

Growing a human

Cooking! And even baking! WITH my children! Without angst and frustration! (This is my favorite pumpkin bread recipe I've found so far, and it was a hit with everyone. I think we'll be baking it again this afternoon.)

READING. Lots, fiction and nonfiction. And not only limited to my usual reading time, which is right before bed for a couple minutes before getting so tired and falling asleep. Rather than have my phone be my default "rest" mode throughout the day, I've been carrying around whatever book I'm reading, even when my kids are around and playing. And for some magic reason, they aren't needy and interrupting when I'm reading a book like they are when I'm scrolling through my phone. The result is a MUCH less scattered me, and I'd also like to think I'm setting a good example for future readers, but who knows.

Soaking in my family. Going on hikes, spending lots of time outside in our unseasaonably lovely weather, really paying attention to them, noticing their little interactions with each other, and wanting to bottle it all up.

Nick has been traveling a lot more for work lately, and it's just been a lot of me and these little ladies. It's tiring and lonely sometimes, and I've been missing my husband lots. But I'm also trying to cultivate a grateful heart for all that we have. Grateful for his job that provides for us, grateful for my "job" to take care of these sweet little souls, and grateful for the ability to be growing another little life who we can't wait to meet.

I'm aware that in about 4 months our whole lives and routine will change again, and instead of feeling fearful to upset the wagon, I'm thankful for this little spell of "easiness" before the inevitable changes that will come along with life with a newborn/sleep deprivation/winter illnesses, etc. (Okay so I'm still totally filled with anxiety about that last one, and pretty much go to bed every night thinking about it. That's not normal, right?)

We are already in LOVE our little baby BOY (who knew we could make one of those?) and we are so excited to meet him in March!

I hope fall has been treating you well so far!

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