A Quick Tip

Hello! Popping in for a quick nutrition hack.

We just got back from vacation and dinner last night was leftovers + Annie's mac and cheese. I hadn't gone grocery shopping yet and our veggies were fairly nonexistent, so I added about half a can of pureed butternut squash right into the finished mac and cheese.

The verdict? No one could tell the difference! It doesn't even change the color (below). (And please note Amelia's worried face. Why is Mom photographing the food instead of serving it to me?)

I'm not big into "hiding" veggies--I want my kids to learn to eat and maybe even like them--but with a family of noodle lovers (one in particular--Amelia could literally eat "noo noos" for three meals a day if I let her) this is one tip I can definitely get behind.

Do you have any favorite dinner hacks?

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