Surviving Car Trips with Toddlers

We don't have a great track record of painless car travel with kids so I am definitely no expert in this arena. But with an upcoming 10ish-hour (if we're lucky) ride to the Outer Banks, I have been crowdsourcing and prepping for weeks now, and thought I'd share what I've come up with.


Boogie Board

Aquadoodle (to replace our old one--would highly recommend! Just make sure you get an extra pen)

Water Wows (we bring these to church every week--also highly recommend)

Glowstick bracelets

Buckle toy (for Amelia, who is obsessed with buckles and zippers, and this has both!)

Washi tape

Magnetic dollhouse

Puffy sticker books

Color blasts

Mini sketch pads

I'll also be bringing our Doodle Pro (another weekly church necessity for our non-nursery-goer child), washable markers, pipe cleaners (the girls love making flowers, bracelets and other creations out of them), toy cars, our tablet, and some books. I raided our library for DVDs and music CDs, too.

I also got each girl one of these travel trays to make coloring activities easier and hopefully more prolonged. And a friend is lending us two sets of kids' headphones--thank you Toni!


pumpkin buckwheat muffins

raisins nut butter pouches + apples

nut butter + pretzel packs rice cakes

Somersaults fruit snacks


pretzel sticks

dried apple snacks

cheese sticks crackers

applesauce pouches yogurt pouches (I freeze these ahead of time and they're thawed by the time we need them) carrot sticks

Despite our track record, I am feeling pretty positive about our upcoming journey, so I will report back and let you know if my preparations helped!

And my #1 rule I'm following this time around: Do not wake them early (4/5am) and assume they will go back to sleep in the car! See below for a 20-month-old Eloise (the last time we took this trip), who we woke up around 4:30 and SHE DID NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP!

More memory lane pictures from OBX 2015:

Do you have any car travel tips? Please enlighten me!

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