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I posted this image on Instagram this week and think it's a perfect representation of how Eloise and I generally feel about mornings. Someone hold me. She has the koala-leg-hold down perfectly, and can we agree that Nick is the best daddy?

Happy weekend! I am once again running an infirmary, but am cautiously optimistic everyone will be recovered by the weekend.

Here are some links I've liked recently from around the web:

What would be your mom paycheck? Mine would be $139,670 (median) or $168,167 (high). My first (humble) thought when I saw those numbers? OBVIOUSLY.

I liked these straightforward kids' antibiotics guidelines from a non-crunchy resource (which is where I get the bulk of my medical knowledge, much to my engineer husband's chagrin) :)


Let's say it again: play-based learning.

Love the idea of freezing individual smoothies in cups. "The way I respond to things is going to stem from the sort of person I am. The way I view a situation is going to depend on where I am standing. What bubbles over is going to depend on what sort of things are hidden in my heart." Loved this article on finding joy.

Minimalism + what to do with all the school papers.

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