We seem to be at the sweet spot for saying hilarious things. Or maybe she'll be like this her whole life? Either way, sign me up. I I can't write them down fast enough!

"Can my sister please look in the mirror so I can see how pretty she is?"

"Will I go to heaven after I live on earth?" (I told her yes) "But I want to stay in our cozy house!" "What's that stinky smell? Maybe its the smell of you, Mommy. It's just the smell of a mommy smell."

(when brushing my hair) "Does that hurt enough?"

"I'm really attracted to cheese. But I'm not always attracted to clementines."

(to Amelia) "If you can cooperate then I can respect you."

"Mimi Jeanne you can sit with me if you want, sweetie pie."

"Here comes a bad day because Mimi Jeanne's dropping all her food on the ground."

(sitting quietly and then starts to laugh and I ask why) "Quincy's just always making up jokes." (Quincy = imaginary friend)

"I'm not tired because I'm rac-turnal." (nocturnal) (raccoon + nocturnal = rac-turnal)

What funny things have your kids said lately? I'd love to hear!

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