"I have to take my sister because I'm in charge of her because I have to train her." (after telling her we were going to get snow) "Maybe there will be some yellow snow too!"

"Know what my favorite animal is? Aphids because they're really cute."

(to Amelia in her crib one morning) "Did you know that? We're always here to take care of you because you're so sweet to us."

(after my mom was watching the girls one day) "I'm so glad I got a break from you with Cookie today."

"undramatic" = automatic "Velcro doors" = Bilco doors

"gingery" = injury

"cardover" = cardigan

(about Amelia) "This baby's a lot of work, Daddy, isn't she?"

"Did you know that I have two daddies? Daddy, and God! Two daddies!"

(after she asked me to do something and I told her she could do it) "Okay, I guess I'm like the Little Red Hen. I have to do everything myself."

(about Amelia) "She cracks my head up!"

"Every day I say please because every day I want things."

"I'm really tired. Mommy I know it's frustrating for you but we can finish our errands after naps okay?"

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