What are you up to this weekend? We took the girls on our annual visit to the cider mill today after they both had bloodwork done (and poor Amelia needs to go back because they couldn't find her veins in either arm). I'm also going to the spa to celebrate a friend's birthday and cannot wait.

Here are some links from around the web:

This Halloween Bill of Rights that a friend sent to me made me think twice before swapping out all of Eloise's candy with veggie chips and raisins :)

Motherhood is NOT God's greatest calling.

On criticizing others' parenting choices.

Really liked these toddler Montessori tips, especially on praise.

Made me laugh.

Inspiration to make my own bone broth (maybe).

Added to my reading list.

Exercises to heal diastasis recti aka "mummy tummy."

Loved Sarah's latest book review.

Benefits of chlorella, from my midwives' blog. I started taking this one last summer after learning of its detoxification benefits, and it's interesting to hear of its other benefits, too.

Happy weekend!

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