Happy Weekend

Hello from the other side of a busy week, and happy weekend!

I started off the busy week with a massive Sunday food prep session—something I never do, but it was so worth it. I pumped out pesto, bacon, and cheesy polenta while Nick grilled the chicken, shrimp and zucchini. I might need to start doing this more often. All done with the help of Melick's hard cider, which we picked up at the farm while peach picking last weekend! I need to hunt down some more of this! Here is the list of where to buy, if you're local.

We celebrated miss Amelia's first birthday, and she took her first steps on the big day! I only cried real tears about the whole thing once, which I'm feeling proud about.

We got to visit with sweet friends this week who I wish lived closer. Megan was my sorority "big" and Harper and Jude are her sweet twins. As it turns out, Eloise and Harper are spirit animals, and Jude and Amelia are, too.

(The whole crazy group! And my whole family in stripes, unplanned.)

(Is Mimi Jeanne going to be a redhead?!)

I got to take Meg's minivan out for a spin to our town bakery to pick sandwiches up for the moms. Never before has anything felt so right! Minivan, here I come! (If you had told me in college that in 10 years I would be driving my big’s minivan while she fed lunch to our four kids, I don’t know what I would have thought. God is so funny sometimes.)

Eloise took her first pony lesson this week and she loved it! We had won a lesson at a silent auction we attended in the spring. After being on Fluffernutter for a minute or two Eloise was requesting to go faster, so she ended up trotting almost the whole lesson and had great form! This child is fearless.

(And in full disclosure, I almost didn't take her because of the hour-long tantrum that occurred while getting out the door because of her distaste for the required closed-toe footwear. If you had told me that "threenagers" can be even harder than the terrible twos, I would have curled up in a ball and died.)

What are you up to this weekend? Today is Mimi Jeanne’s little family birthday party. On the menu: hot dogs and cake!

Here are a couple things I’ve liked this week:

I loved this article on gratitude.

Creating a Waldorf-inspired home for your preschooler.

Although I don't think it's supposed to be funny, this list of questions to ask potential caregivers made me laugh. Maybe I will change my tune when our kids are older (and the article does say the questions apply more for preschool-aged children and up) but my current list of questions for potential babysitters is more like: 1) Are you a serial killer? 2) Are you affordable? 3) Are you available? You're hired!

Finally, I’ve been meaning to share a new-to-me detangler I picked up for Eloise recently—have you heard of Babo Botanicals*? I hadn’t, but came across it once I got fed up with all the junk in other detanglers. It’s made on a certified organic farm in upstate NY, smells great, and works! If you have little ones with unruly hair, like I do, check it out! I’ve been using it on myself lately, too!

Happy weekending :)

*affiliate link used

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