Let's Talk Oils

Essential oils! One of my favorite topics. I’ve gotten some questions lately about how our family uses oils, and thought I’d share here.

First thing to note: Not all essential oils are created equal (some are diluted, or contain fillers or chemicals), so do your research! Because we use many of these oils topically and/or internally, I did lots of research and am only comfortable using Young Living oils for our family. We use them every single day! In the words of Eloise, YL oils are super duper safe.

Here are some ways we use the oils in our daily rotation!

FRANKINCENSE: Such a good immunity booster. At the slightest scratchy throat I'll do a drop of this straight, rubbed on the throat/any swollen glands around the neck to help provide a calming, soothing effect. I'll also do it on the girls in the same areas, or up and down the spine (undiluted) because apparently viruses are stored in the spine? Who knew!

THIEVES: Also an immunity booster. I do a drop of this straight on my tongue for a scratchy throat. Also diffused like crazy when someone's sick, since it’s been found to kill 99% of airborne pathogens! And on the bottom of feet/up and down spine (diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil, since it’s a “hot” oil and could irritate the skin if applied undiluted).

PEPPERMINT: For energy, I'll just inhale this from the bottle. It can also be diffused for energy, or you can do 1-2 drops in your drinking water. (Note: It can affect supply while nursing, so I'm currently avoiding topical or internal use.) I will occasionally do a drop across my forehead/on temples/back of neck to help provide relaxation (or lavender in the same spots).

ORANGE / TANGERINE / GRAPEFRUIT / LEMON: 1-2 drops in my water every morning, yum! Grapefruit is also an appetite suppressant unless you're a bottomless pit of hunger due to pregnancy, nursing, or a hollow leg. And all of these are great in the diffuser or added to smoothies for a boost.

LAVENDER: A great all-purpose oil. I'll do a few drops in the girls' bath, and I love to diffuse it to bring some peace to our day. Lavender + peppermint always smells so good in the diffuser.

CEDARWOOD: Great to dilute on the upper back for immunity support during the winter season. I also diffuse it because I like the smell, and it's mood-balancing. Also great to add a drop of this to your shampoo to support healthy hair growth.

JOY: Rollerball over heart/behind ears/on wrists in the morning!

DIGIZE: Helps to support a healthy digestive system. I dilute it in coconut oil and rub clockwise on the tummy.

PANAWAY: Dilute in coconut oil and apply topically to help support the muscular system after a workout or increased activity. Like a natural Icy Hot.

YLANG YLANG + GERANIUM: My happy oils! I love their smells and I diffuse them, usually along with a citrus. A drop of ylang ylang on the inside of each ankle is also supposedly good for libido! (Sorry Mom.) And both are balancing for hormones/women’s issues. Ticks also don't like geranium so I usually apply a couple drops to our ankles/back of the knees before venturing into potential danger areas.

R.C.: Another good one for immunity support during the winter season. I dilute it on the chest/bottoms of feet for respiratory support, and it's gentle enough to use on the girls too.

PURIFICATION: All around good to have—I do a drop on a cotton ball/paper towel/inside of a toilet paper roll and put it in the bottom of trash cans and diaper pails to make them smell neutral. After a child graces me with a particularly nasty diaper, you may find me waving around a paper towel with a drop of purification on it :) Also great for bug repellent and you can put it (or lavender) on bug bites. I also make ant spray with this + peppermint—a small spray bottle of vinegar with about 10 drops of this and 5 of peppermint.

VETIVER: Every night before bed I do a drop on temples/behind ears/bottoms of big toes (google "vita flex points"—bottom of big toe connects to brain!) to turn off my brain and help sleep! I like the smell too.

If you’re interested in getting started with oils, you can follow these steps. (And please note that I am not a salesman in any way! I genuinely love and believe in these products and our family has benefited from them immensely.)

  • Go here.

  • Make sure you've checked Member (and not retail customer) to get the 24% discount. (Don’t worry, you never have to sell anything if you don’t want to.)

  • Make sure the number 3626626 is in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID areas.

  • Fill out your information.

  • Select your kit (I like the $160 premium starter kit with dewdrop diffuser, which contains most of the above oils and retails for $300).

  • Add any additional products to your order.

  • Anxiously await your starter kit and welcome kit!

For additional reading, these two books have been hugely informative to me, and I also love following oily accounts on Instagram. Lacie and Jami are my favorite accounts to follow.

Questions? I’m more than happy to answer! Contact me or leave any questions in the comments and I’ll reply to the best of my knowledge!

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