Let's Get Drinks

I normally drink three things: coffee, water, and wine. However, I've stumbled over some new-to-me beverages in the past week or so and thought I'd share here.

HFCS-free ginger ale

I try to always keep some ginger ale in the house for sickies, and with Eloise down for the count earlier this week, I was scouting out the beverage aisle at the grocery store when I came across a ginger ale without high fructose corn syrup, hallelujah! Very excited about this find.


My new breakfast best friend. It's like drinking my yogurt! With the aforementioned sick child, I haven't had a free minute to eat anything in the morning (not that I usually do). I've bought kefir for Eloise before (this kind) but never myself.

After a little Googling, I now know that kefir is a fermented milk smoothie with: probiotics, lots of protein, calcium, vitamin D, Alpha Hydroxy Acid for skin, and even tryptophan, which increases serotonin production in the brain and boosts mood. I'm sold!

Did you grow up drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast? I did, and while this tastes nothing like it, there's something about pouring my breakfast and being done that is nostalgic and happy for me. Now just one question, how on earth do you pronounce it? Kee-fer, like Kiefer Sutherland? Or keh-fur like heifer? Or neither?!

La Croix + lemon essential oil

Just last week I noticed a stray lime-flavored La Croix in our fridge and on a whim I added a drop or two of my lemon essential oil. So refreshing! Do you know about d-limonene? Do a little Googling. Lemon essential oil has 68% of it. Plus, if I try really hard, I can almost pretend that this combination is a Corona :)

Sidenote: Not a day later I read this funny article on why La Croix is suddenly everywhere, and the next day at the grocery store I see a WALL of the stuff. I wish I had taken a picture!

And just because a post on drinks wouldn't be complete without mention of my favorite kind of drink, I've found a new favorite rosé! Go pick up a bottle!

Do you have any favorite drinks?

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