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A Summer Plan: Food

Food is a big part of our summer plan.

Here is my reference list for what to feed all these people who seem to need to be fed all the time (really though, how has the human species survived this long?). Hopefully it is helpful to you, or inspires you to make a plan, too!



cereal + banana


trail mix

fresh fruit

dried fruit

carrots / cucumbers / grape tomatoes / mini bell peppers + hummus

celery + cream cheese

cheese sticks

tortilla chips


almond butter or cream cheese on a rice cake (these are our favorites, and they're nice and thin)


Annie's mac and cheese (I make this once/week)


dinner leftovers


roasted veggie wraps w/ goat cheese + chickpeas

tomato sandwich

(I've also been making mini pizzas lately because something about the first trimester of pregnancy always makes my food tastes return to those of my youth. I split open an English muffin, toast it, add Rao's marinara and shredded mozzarella cheese, and broil it for a few minutes in the oven. The best part is that while my kids love pizza, they do not care for these, so no one asks to share my food! This meal will likely gross me out post-pregnancy, but I'm adding it here because it's a current staple.)


(for more on this genius idea, read this post)

week 1 :


pasta with shrimp



week 2:


pesto pasta

roasted/grilled veggie sandwiches (from this cookbook)

stuffed potatoes

week 3:


orzo with grilled chicken and veggies



I'm only planning four meals per week, since we do pizza takeout on Fridays, and weekends are usually something on the grill both nights if we're home—chicken, burgers, hot dogs, ribs.

I used this format for the first time last week to plan the week's meals and it was a cinch. It totally took the brainpower out of the meal planning process. Now the key is that we don't get sick of these meals this summer! Hoping I left enough leeway and room for modification—different kinds of sandwiches, tacos, pasta dishes, fish, etc. If not, maybe I need to add one more week's worth of meals. We'll see!

Do you have a plan for feeding your family? Is summer a particularly challenging time for meals in your household? Or maybe it's easier? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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