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Four Random Things

1. Christmas break is here! I am hoping to nurse my family back to health after 4+ straight weeks of sickness circulating. See above photo--I have basically served as a human tissue for weeks on end as George conveniently wipes his nose on my back as I carry him around the house. But that little smile! All is forgiven, I will love him forever.

If you are local, and you don't know about the pediatric housecalls doctor we use, please let me know if you want her info because she is a lifesaver! She came to the house this morning to check Mimi and George. No lugging three kids to the pediatrician's (who we do love, just not all the germs that live there)--I have preheated my oven, put the baby down for naps, changed diapers, etc. while she's been here, and even have a friend who has cooked dinner while her child has gotten stitches poolside!

2. A couple of my neighbors got me a package of sage bundles for Christmas and the other morning I decided to smudge our house. Call it witchdoctory or call it fumes from the smoke, but it really did have a magical effect.

The girls followed me nearly silently throughout the house as I waved my burning sage in each corner (you're supposed to have an intention as you do this but with George in the baby carrier and the girls running in and out of my legs I don't know how much of an intention I had other than to not trip over someone), and a calmer, clearer, more positive mood emerged after the 10-minute practice.

After a little Googling, I learned that smudging can:

1. purify the air, reducing aerial bacteria by up to 94%

2. help with respiratory conditions

3. enhance intuition

4. get rid of negativity, lift your mood, reduce stress, and alleviate pain

5. boost energy and alertness

Not a bad way to start our 3+ weeks of Christmas break, if you ask me!

3. Nick just got home from his last work trip of the year, and I've been in extra survival mood with meals, which has meant nearly nothing homemade. He will have several days home with us over the next couple of weeks, and I plan to incorporate some more time-intensive meals into our meal plan since 1) I will have a child-wrangler and 2) he is a better cook than I am so he often picks up my cooking slack. Some ideas:

Sarah's lentil soup (which I've made before and is delicious, even for meat-lovers)

Daddy's pasta

Green curry (I will sub in shrimp for the tofu)

Easy crockpot carnitas

Each with a side of fruit, of course!

4. How terrifying is this, yet how much would my 3- and 5-year-old daughters ADORE having such a thing? I am maxed out for Christmas buying, but maybe the Easter bunny will bestow a couple of these heads in the girls' baskets in the spring. If you need a last-minute Christmas gift for a little girl (or boy) who loves to do hair, why not a cosmetology head?

A neighbor who does personal organizing is coming over shortly to help me organize my craft drawers, which will be a Christmas miracle indeed!



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