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Quick Tips: Know Your Warranties

I am not the thriftiest human. But as pretty much the sole spender in our one-income household, I'm trying to be more mindful of how we use our resources. I'm learning as I go, and thought I'd pop in from time to time and share what I'm discovering.

I've tried many different kids' water bottles through the years, and these are my favorites. They hold up well, rarely spill, and are easy for little hands to operate by themselves. They're recommended for ages 3+, but my girls learned how to use the bite valve much earlier, right around the one year mark, if I'm remembering correctly.

Each girl has three of these--we keep one next to their beds and rotate two in the kitchen for daily use. My only gripe with them is that the bite valves tend to rip from time to time, and I've purchased numerous bite valve replacements throughout the years.

I recently learned that Camelbak has a warranty program--did you know this? You just submit a claim and let them know which replacement part you need, and they send you a new part for free! I've done this twice now and it's the simplest thing.

I'm sure this applies to other brands as well. Look into your warranties before you need to replace something!

Do you have any favorite money saving tips? Sarah has some great ones.

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