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Five Things

Inspired by Sarah, I thought I'd share five things that I've been loving lately.

Cute and comfy mom shoes. I bought them before George was born in anticipation of needing a good slip-on shoe since I'd be holding a baby all the time, and they have exceeded my expectations. They are so comfortable, they go with everything (I got them in bone, above), and they look a little dressier than athletic shoes. I have gotten so many compliments on them. I originally saw them in a Garnet Hill catalogue but found them on Amazon for much cheaper. You need these!

A clean and effective eye cream. I am so excited about this brand of beauty products! I'm sure I'm the last to the party, but I recently was introduced to this brand by Sarah Tucker and love its premise of being "clean clinical." It checks out as being safe on the EWG (I almost always consult EWG or the Think Dirty app before buying a new health/beauty product), and unlike some of the other more natural products I've tried that are safe yet not super effective, it really does make me look awake, even when I feel like the walking dead.

Billie razors. I've used men's razors for most of my adult life because they're sharper and cheaper than women's razors. I was intrigued by an ad I saw for Billie razors, though--their motto is "Razors built for womankind." I love these razors! The blades are nice and sharp, the design is pretty to look at, the magical magnetic holder means it won't get absconded by a child (since we all share the upstairs bathroom) or accumulate gunk in a corner of the shower, and you can customize how often you receive a shipment of them. Oh, and they're cheap!

A great water bottle. I've used a top-heavy glass water bottle for years and years, and after it getting knocked over and spilled for the umpteenth time, I knew it was time to replace it. I love this water bottle--it's not as pretty as my fancy glass one was, but it's still nice to look at, and more importantly I drink SO much more water now! The straw is nice and thick and I also like that it's a solid 32oz. so I can more easily track how much I've drank.

A silk pillowcase. Postpartum hair has struck again (wahhhhh). If you're lucky enough to not know what this means, for me it means extreme hair loss. Clumps and clumps falling out each day for months on end. I'm trying to make the hair I do have count, so right now this means a good haircut, quality shampoo/conditioner, and a silk pillowcase. I had heard great things about the benefits of sleeping on silk for years, and while I'm not sure about its claims to minimize wrinkles and problem skin, it has done wonders for morning bedhead. My hair is shinier and I don't get cowlicks like I did from a cotton pillowcase.

What have you been loving lately?

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