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Focus + Waiting for Baby

Hello! I haven't meant to be away so long again, and have started and abandoned multiple posts, but am too tired, pregnant, and busy these days! Busy doing things and also busy not doing things.

The word on my mind lately has been FOCUS. I have really intensely felt the need the past few weeks to hone in on what's important and toss aside what isn't right now. Nothing like a pregnancy as a reminder that both my time and energy have limits, and hopefully I'm getting smarter and rather than constantly pushing through exhaustion to get things done, I can throw up the red flag sometimes--something I've never excelled at.

It's been all about priorities, and the things that have made the list are: feeding and clothing my family, household upkeep, resting when possible, spending time together (including dating my husband), getting things in order for baby. The things that have gotten cut: social media (which was taking up too much brain space); exercise other than the VERY occasional short walk (when bending over is a huge challenge and too much talking can leave me winded, I don't feel too badly about this); most social things, including church (go away flu season! go away now!).

By consciously choosing what I do and don't focus on, I feel more at peace about the things that need to be let go right now. If I've said it once I've said it a million times (because I need to keep reminding myself): for everything there is a season. No need to try and cram it all in right now, which would leave everyone crabby and exhausted.

By embracing the slower pace, I'm also able to be present to gratitude for the sweet moments, like this morning when we were getting ready for school and Eloise was "reading" books to Amelia for a good 20-30 minutes in their room. Or yesterday on the way to school when I opened the car door to see that they had been holding hands the whole way there. Or earlier this week when I was driving around solo (which never happens) and I peeked in my rearview mirror and felt a surge of gratitude for the THREE CARSEATS in my backseat. Or last weekend when we went on a hike (term used very loosely for this pregnant mother) at a local park and I sat on a bench and watched Nick and the girls with a couple tears in my eyes, feeling grateful for this sweet family of mine.

The countdown has begun! Ten days until my due date! I'm hopeful one of my children decides to be considerate and grace us with his presence a bit early, but I will try not to hold my breath in case this little boy keeps us waiting like his sisters did!

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