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(to me, first thing in the morning) "Why do you have a little trouble talking loudly?"

"Tomorrow's a really special occasion because I'm getting a baby in my tummy."

"Aren't Mimi Jeanne and Eloise and Mommy and Daddy lucky to have this whole house to ourselves?"

"Do cobs live in cobwebs?"

"Dead is another word for slow."

(while I was folding laundry) "That's some good folding mommy. It looks like you've really been doing some good practicing."

"Is the face on the moon Jesus?"

(in response to Amelia crying one day) "I don't know what this big old one year old wants."

"I don't like that Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall rhyme. It's not fun to crack your head right?"

(while watching me put on deodorant) "Little girls don't need that because their elbows don't get dry, only mommies need it because their elbows get dry."

#eloiseisms #funnythings


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