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"Are the ants sleeping in their corner bed?" (ant trap)

"I like your stomach because you just had a baby. Why is that part so big?" (I told her it's not.) "Yes it is because you just had two babies in there!"

"You're too little to work at Wendy's, Mimi Jeanne."

(after learning that a chiropractor is a doctor for your back) "But what about a doctor for your bum?"

"Daddy can you give some broccoli to your wife Kirby?"

"My little sister is my favorite toy."

(after I told the girls we're going to have a busy day) "I'm too tired for a busy day."

(after telling her I'm getting frustrated with her behavior) "You just have to take a deep breath and count to four. It doesn't have to be a big problem. You have to be really calm to solve your problem."

Closing with a photo that couldn't more accurately represent life right now--Eloise in a princess dress, me "gently" holding her hand while providing discipline of some sort, others attempting to stifle their laughter because whatever behavior is in question is naughty but also usually undeniably hilarious.

We love you Eloise Ivy!

#eloiseisms #funnythings


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