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How is your weekend? I'm happy to report ours has been great. Everyone is healthy again, we made it to church just in time for Eloise's week of VBS starting tomorrow (which I have been waffling back and forth about for weeks—it seems like such a big-kid thing to do! what are Amelia and I going to do all week?!), and the girls considerately let me sleep in past 7am. And Nick and I are going on a Sunday night date, the best kind!

Here's a a recent photo dump!

Every morning I ask Amelia, "Where's Loulou bear?" and she scoots lightening-speed down the hall and into her sister's room, giggling all the way. Is anything cuter than matching jammies? I hope they'll let me dress them matching until they're in college :)

Babies bathing babies <3 and I finally figured out that tear-free shampoo isn't for parents, it's for siblings who think it's hysterical to massage the bubbles all over each other's heads and faces :)

This baby is into EVERYTHING! And she turns one next week! Someone pinch me. And hand me a big box of tissues. And help me plan her birthday since I haven't given it a lick of thought. (Pretty sure I've had a color-coded Word document for both of Eloise's birthdays, sorry Mimi Jeanne.)

And I don't want to jinx myself, but it seems like the blessed age of the one-nap is upon us. Today is day three of Amelia taking one giant afternoon nap, same as her sister, and my life might just have gotten a little easier! Two separate schedules has been a big contributor to my gray hair production + wine consumption this summer. Now I just need to figure out how long to "let" Eloise sleep, because girlfriend would nap until 5pm if I let her. I usually wake her by 4/4:30 (which goes against every bone in my body), but even so, last night Nick and I had to stop our show (just started Narcos—is it any good?) approximately 7 times to put a wandering Eloise back to bed, and I think she finally nodded off around 10pm!

I hope you're having a good weekend!

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