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We Are Enough

I think sometimes as moms we doubt ourselves and our worth, for one reason or another. Social media, personal expectations, comparisons with others, whatever. Do you ever feel like you’re not enough for your kids? I do, sometimes. Not crafty enough, fun enough, skilled enough in the kitchen, etc. etc. etc. And I don't think it matters whether you work or spend your days at home, or what faith you are, or how you were raised. I think “mommy guilt” bridges all these things and we all fall prey to it sometimes because we want the best for our kids.

One time when I don't feel like this at all? When I'm taking care of a sick child. Eloise was really sick last week. I was beside myself with worry. When I have a sick child, all the unimportant stuff is stripped away and life becomes about just the essentials: nutrition, hydration, rest, faith. Even though it's so hard and so scary, I find myself on autopilot and almost always intuitively know what needs to be done.

I am writing this down so I can remember—and maybe remind you, if it applies—that the only thing our kids need is us. We are most certainly enough. We were uniquely created to mother the children we are given. When I was pregnant with Amelia last summer I remember saying to a mother of three that I don't even remember what I need to buy this time around, and she said babies only need their moms and maybe some diapers. And does this ever really change? (Well, hopefully the diaper part changes eventually.)

Our love and our time is “all” our kids need. And not our distracted time—the phone-checking, mental-to-do-list-making time—but our undivided attention. (And they can tell the difference between the two.)

A favorite quote from one of my favorite devotionals, because Jen Hatmaker can say it better than I can:

“The right schools, the right clubs, the right teams…not enough.

Perfect systems and by-the-book methods…not enough.

Superior advantages and strategic positioning…not enough…

You are enough as a mother when you act like your Redeemer, dear one. When you talk like he talked, love like he loved, forgive like he forgave, and teach like he taught. When you launch your children into this big, exciting, wonderful world, that is all that will matter. It is what they’ll remember and imitate. It is enough.”

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