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Because sometimes you just need a good laugh, here are some of the latest soundbites from my funny eldest child.

"Does the Tooth Fairy live in the sky with God?"

"Why did you get a sweet little Amelia for me at the hospital? I really wanted a sweet little Amelia."

"I’m tired of you counting when I’m not listening."

(after Nick apologized to her about something) “It’s okay. You just have to be nice to me and not ask me to do things.”

"I was hopin’ and thinkin’ that I need a baby brother."

In response to the Richard Scarry book that asks, What does your daddy do? (“Work in the base-nent.”) / What does your mommy do? (“Play.”)

(after seeing a black and white photo of herself) "Am I brown now?"

Oh how I love this funny, curious, brave, bright, independent, joyful, precious little girl!

#eloiseisms #funnythings


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