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Before Eloise was born, my mom and I had a handful of freezer cooking days, and having a stocked freezer after she came was a huge blessing and peace of mind. We did the same thing before Amelia came, but focused more on cooking meat in bulk (and fewer casseroles), since Eloise would be eating with us too, and we were eating fewer one-pot meals and more traditional meat/starch/vegetable meals because that was the toddler’s preferred meal format.

In between babies, we’d have the occasional freezer cooking day, but it was hard to a) get a date on the calendar b) cook all day while caring for children and c) mentally prepare for blocking out one precious weekend day for a cooking marathon, especially when it’s nice outside (although I am fairly certain this one only applies to me, who does not love cooking like my mama).

Freezer cooking days have recently evolved into something we call Switch-a-Meal, at the inspiration of a freezer cooking magazine a friend gave me. About once a week, in our own kitchens, we cook one of our weekly meals in bulk—usually enough to feed our own household for a night, sometimes freeze a portion for our own household, and then give a portion to the other.

We’re about a month into it and it is a huge success so far! It doesn’t take much more time or cost, and slowly building up my freezer stockpile without having to commit to an all-day cooking marathon is the best, in my book.

Some recent switch-a-meals:

Egg salad (not for the freezer) + croissant sandwiches


Southern pulled chicken (in the crockpot for sandwiches)

Baked pasta with turkey sausage + olives

Tortellini + bell pepper soup

Cheesy chicken empanadas w/ dipping sauce

Any favorite recipes that can be cooked and frozen in bulk? I’m all ears!



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