Midsummer Thoughts

Summer is fast and loose. Three kids, pregnancy, and a couple weeks in a row of no camps—it's hard! We've had an adjustment as we've settled into being home all day, all together. It's been a bit rocky. There has been lots of sibling fighting, lots of yelling, lots of noise, and very little down time/rest. The house is a disaster always. We've had two brutal summer sicknesses, and I'm in PT for some crippling pelvic pain. George is finally down to one nap, and it's been an adjustment for all of us as our schedule shifts to accommodate it. The word that has most been going through my mind is BULK. Everything seems to be flying at me rapid speed, in massive quantities, all day long. Little bod

Moms as Leaders

In pregnancy I find that things affect me more. I've always been a sensitive person (HSP, INFJ, I have all the acronyms working for/against me), but when pregnant, I have a different level of thin skin. Maybe it's some kind of survival mechanism that alerted our ancient ancestors to impending danger? And maybe this is why pregnant women can be more emotional—because we're taking in more things. Our senses are heightened. Something unkind happened to me recently that really affected me for a day or two. I was very agitated, which caused me to go to bed way too late, sleep in the next morning, and generally be grumpy and mean toward my family. Nick, who is way more used to dealing with the out

Car Travel with Young Children

(Our first car voyage with three! Before we took out the 8th seat and converted to captain's chairs in the second row with Eloise in the third row.) A family member reached out recently to ask for car entertainment suggestions for a long car ride she's taking with her two young children this summer, which got me thinking about what our plan will be for our own upcoming summer trip. For some trips I've gone whole hog, and others I've done the bare minimum. What I've found is that the number of activities we bring is usually directly proportional to my level of anxiety about that trip, and not at all related to the outcome of the car behavior. So less is more because until they're a certain ag

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