Summer So Far

(Last day of school photo! I can't believe Eloise is done with preschool forever!) We are three weeks into summer and so far everyone's having a great time. The girls just finished up three weeks of camp at their school, which they loved and I am feeling smart for signing them up for because this will be the first year we're cruising into July without me feeling like I've already exhausted all my ideas (and energy) for the summer! George is still insistent on his 2-2.5 hour morning nap, and then around 3pm I put him down for about another hour or so, although more often than not he just plays in his crib while the girls watch their daily show and I put my feet up and eat something. In betwee

Self Care: Lunch for Mom

I've written before about what self care does and doesn't look like for me right now, and a huge part of what it does look like is feeding myself well. While my lunch salad is still going strong, I have a new favorite lunch lately! This was born of me craving my favorite veggie sandwich from our town's bakery combined with the daily rain we've been experiencing and my desire to avoid lugging a heavy baby through a downpour to get said sandwich. I had to get creative with what I had. We generally have all the below ingredients on hand, and especially during farmer's market season when we visit the "pickle man" on a weekly basis, we often have an entire refrigerator shelf devoted to olives and

A Lost Tooth + An Existential Crisis

We have our first lost tooth over here! Eloise bit into a cracker during lunch at camp yesterday and out it popped. Thankfully she didn't swallow it because she thought it was a seed! She then proceeded to lose it twice more over the course of the day: once into a bucket of muddy water (recovered with the help of two camp friends) and once into the depths of our metal baby gate when she pushed it into an opening (recovered by her father and lots of gate-disassembling). Disasters avoided—unless you're me. This milestone was an unexpectedly big one. It made me SO EXCITED when she told me about it at pickup, and then plunged me into devastation as the day went on. Call it pregnancy hormones, ca

Happy Father's Day

poem credit: Kate Baer via Instagram Happy Father's Day to all the dads! To my own Dad, and to Nick, who have "handed their time and pleasures over without a sound" to raise their families. Morgan and I are lucky to have had a role model of integrity who was devoted to his family, and who now is so devoted to and adored by my children. And to Nick, our steady ship. Our children are the luckiest to be his. He does it all tirelessly, without complaint. His positivity, hard work, and dedication bless our family and I thank God for him every single day—he is the greatest gift of my life. Without him nothing else would be possible. He is so sweet with our babies. He's the fun one. He juggles it (

Celebrating 10 Years

I've been trying to write this post since our actual anniversary over a week ago, but the end of the school year and beginning of summer have been chock full of activity, so here we are! We just celebrated a decade of marriage! How did that happen? It really did go so quickly, yet I also feel like I've spent my whole life with Nick. (And since we started dating at age 19, I guess I've almost spent as many years with him as without!) I've never been able to identify with the idea that marriage is hard work. Being Nick's wife is not hard work. He makes my life better, and easier in lots of ways, although I know the goal of life (at least not mine) isn't to have it be easy. Yes, LIFE can be har

A Summer Plan: Food

Food is a big part of our summer plan. Here is my reference list for what to feed all these people who seem to need to be fed all the time (really though, how has the human species survived this long?). Hopefully it is helpful to you, or inspires you to make a plan, too! BREAKFASTS: smoothies cereal + banana SNACKS / SIDES: trail mix fresh fruit dried fruit carrots / cucumbers / grape tomatoes / mini bell peppers + hummus celery + cream cheese cheese sticks tortilla chips KID LUNCHES: almond butter or cream cheese on a rice cake (these are our favorites, and they're nice and thin) yogurt Annie's mac and cheese (I make this once/week) MY LUNCHES: dinner leftovers salad roasted veggie wraps w/

Our Favorite Trail Mix

A couple weeks ago we were swimming with friends and when we took the requisite snack break and were sharing our snacks, we went crazy over their trail mix! I am not a "nut person," and I am REALLY not a trail mix person—there's something about the texture of raisins that gets me (and makes my teeth feel like they're crumbling?) and I don't typically like all the different nuts and dried fruit mixed together. This trail mix, though, is all nuts, with the exception of some coconut chips, which are delicious. It omits some of my least favorite nuts, and the saltiness makes everything more tolerable to a non-nut person. I had never endeavored to make my own trail mix because I thought it would

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