George is ONE!

Our sweet Georgie is one! How did that happen? Our blizzard baby, whose birth story will go down in history. I'll never forget bumping down the backroads to the hospital (since the interstate was closed) at 3am, in the throes of labor, asking Nick where all the plows were. We miraculously made it to the hospital in time, and he arrived about an hour later. I know I've shared this photo before but it remains one of my favorite moments as a mom. Feeling their awe and adoration as those big sisters wordlessly met their new baby--it was a beautiful moment. The boy with three mothers! He was the most relaxed baby, always along for the ride. Tagging along for NYC rooftops: the pool: the beach: sch

A Salad + A Smoothie

Not something you see too often around here—a food post! This salad has been blessing me in the lunch department for about two years now, and it's too good to not share. When I was pregnant with George, I had two horrible health episodes which, after an ultrasound, turned out to be gallbladder attacks, likely hormonally induced. I did a little research and decided to lighten it up at lunchtime, as well as incorporate some more gallbladder-friendly foods into my diet. This salad was born at that time, and I have it at least once a week now, and have also made it for my husband, parents, and sister. Everyone loves it! The exact ingredients shift from time to time, but the basic formula is: let

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