Gift Guide: Toddlers + Preschoolers

For the second installment in my gift guide: older toddlers and preschoolers. (If you missed it, here is the first installment for babies + young toddlers.) Our favorite toys tend to fall into one of four categories: open-ended play, gross motor, musical, and building + puzzles. OPEN-ENDED PLAY Dolls + accessories — We love Corolle dolls because they are lifelike, smell divine, and their bodies are soft. Mimi has slept with this one every night since she was one and this is the next size up for older toddlers. I've found that with dolls, the fewer accessories the better. A blanket, maybe a bottle, and a baby carrier. We love this doll carrier, above (purchased from Magic Cabin), but they see

Gift Guide: Babies + Young Toddlers

I was doing my annual November toy purge to make way for all the new Christmas stuff and as I went I jotted down some of our favorite and most-used toys. If you have a baby or young toddler in your life and need a gift idea for the holidays, here are some of our favorites. **And might I add, if you do have a baby or young toddler in your life (especially if it is your own child), take advantage of this time! Do not go gift crazy. They do not need a lot. As Sarah says, start as you mean to continue. We have always tried to keep it sustainable with gift giving, meaning, will we be able to continue giving this many gifts as we add children and as they age? Just a few things and they are so plea

Eloiseisms + Ameliaisms

(photo from their big NYC sleepover with their aunt and uncle a couple weeks ago!) It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Here are some of the latest and greatest soundbites from around here. ELOISE: "Sometimes you just have to bury things when they're out of control." "You have one big job taking care of three kiddies." (After I put Mimi down for a nap and then was putting George down for a nap while Mimi was crying, Eloise went into her room and put her down for a nap) "You weren't tickling Mimi's arm so I can handle this. I'm just doing my job." "I situated that out." (to my mom) "You can't feed George because you don't have those milk-makers like Mommy has." "I'm using my compute

Comfort for Homeless Children: Project Night Night

I first heard about Project Night Night years and years ago, before we had children of our own. It tugged at my heartstrings then, and now that I have three of my own it's even harder to fathom that something that we often take for granted--a home of our own--is a basic need that so many children are without. This holiday season our family will be collecting items for Project Night Night and delivering the assembled packages to a local homeless shelter. Project Night Night is a national 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization whose mission is to provide free Night Night Packages to homeless children from birth to pre-teen who need childhood essentials to have a concrete and predictable

Blessed Sleep + A Sample 6-12 Month Schedule

Let's talk sleep for a minute--one of my favorite things. George has started to sleep through the night somewhat regularly (hallelujah and fingers crossed) and I thought I'd share what I've done in the way of sleep for all three babies, who have all started sleeping through the night--which I define as 12 uninterrupted hours--right around 7/8 months. (For me this is pretty good but if you have babies who do this way sooner, feel free to disregard this entire post! You are most blessed.) I think a huge component of good sleepers is a schedule. Oh, I love a schedule. They work really well and kids can love them too because they like knowing what to expect. I've started with a schedule earlier

Things I Like: Toddler Tongs

I've written before on how to get your kids to eat more vegetables, and I'm stopping in for another tip that works really well for us. Tiny tongs. Do you serve your vegetables with adult-sized serving ware? And do you dish out your children's veggies for them, maybe even before they've come to the table? If you do these things and your children are perfect angels and eat their veggies without a fight, then please disregard the rest of this post. You are blessed among (wo)men! For the rest of us mortals, I have found that having a piece of serving ware that is just the right size for little hands adds some novelty and interest to mealtime. I have the vegetable on the table, and then it gets p

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