Systems for the Stuff

I love a good organizational system, and have gotten a chance to implement some new ones around here lately to help with the endless STUFF. School memory boxes I bought split-lid hanging file boxes, one for each child, and filled them with one file folder for each grade. I fancied them up with the cutest monogram decals from The Monogram Corner and feel so happy that I now have a place to put all the school treasures from here on out! Gallery Frames I've been wanting to more permanently display some of the girls' paintings for awhile now, and finally bit the bullet and bought a few of these art cabinet frames, which hold up to 50 pieces of art and you can easily swap out what's inside. (igno

Five Things

Inspired by Sarah, I thought I'd share five things that I've been loving lately. Cute and comfy mom shoes. I bought them before George was born in anticipation of needing a good slip-on shoe since I'd be holding a baby all the time, and they have exceeded my expectations. They are so comfortable, they go with everything (I got them in bone, above), and they look a little dressier than athletic shoes. I have gotten so many compliments on them. I originally saw them in a Garnet Hill catalogue but found them on Amazon for much cheaper. You need these! A clean and effective eye cream. I am so excited about this brand of beauty products! I'm sure I'm the last to the party, but I recently was intr

Have a Happy Weekend

Despite all my postulating about simplicity, I still sometimes panic when there are too many openings in the calendar, or when plans fall though and I feel the need to fill that space back up. I've also been battling some guilt and self-doubt lately due to our mostly homebound summer. I keep reminding myself that this is because I'm imposing my own ideas on to my children, and not because they actually require things like daily outings and excitement in their lives. Time and again, the data has supported this. I came across this quote by Elsa Beskow yesterday (do you know her books? you should get to know them, if not!) and thought I'd share: “With a great deal of planning and bother, you ca

Organizational Mode

We had to make a tough parenting decision last week and emotions were high. This week there's the annoyance/inconvenience of a sprained ankle (mine). And did I mention my husband is traveling today? What mode do you go into when you're stressed? I go into organizational mode. I think (mistakenly) that by organizing away my problems, they will be sorted and handled for me. I have been known to, when against the ropes, throw out anything in my path, including perfectly good shoes and toys. Yesterday I was reading one of my all-time favorite mothering books, Loving the Little Years, and I needed to hear every word of the chapter I read. Here are some excerpts, in case you're like me and need to

Summer Reading

I have lofty goals of how much I will be able to read this summer, but in reality this list will likely take me the rest of the year...or longer. But here's my current to-read list, if you're looking for reading inspiration! Just finished this--I thought the writing and insights were good but the plot didn't really do much. Also just finished. The plot was interesting but the writing was just so-so. Just started this last night and I think I'm going to love it. I'm sure I'm one of the few people who hasn't read this book yet. Filed under: Books I was embarrassed to take out of the library. Took this one out yesterday and it has a billion holds on it so I better get reading. And next up are t

Thoughts on Summer

We are just about a week into summer break, and I've collected some thoughts on summer, if you'd like to read. Sarah and Sarah both have posts I love and have been referring to. PERSPECTIVE: Summer can be intense and sooooo much togetherness, but instead of going into it looking at it as such, I'm trying to focus on the other side of it, which is that the days, while long, can also be more laid back if I help them be. Summer days eliminate the stressful moments of getting to school, getting home from school and quickly trying to put three kids down for naps/quiet time before it gets too late in the day and everyone gets overtired, and our days can flow more naturally which is a nice reprieve

Summer Simplicity

School is out and summer is here! I've been collecting some thoughts on summer for a post, but the main thing I'm aiming for is simplicity. No Pinterest or bucket lists here. For some people that may be helpful, but it gives me hives. I had started to collect a short list of some loose go-to ideas, and yesterday I took the girls and George to one of our favorite local parks and on the way there we discussed what THEY would like to do this summer. Their ideas, in their simplicity, were painfully cute to me. Popsicles Ice cream Having a playdate with their friends Going to our town bakery for muffins Playground Pool I loved it. It was a reminder again to me that we are in a phase of life where

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