Encouragement for the Road Ahead

Motherhood is such a funny thing. When you're in the trenches, you want so badly to be out of them. When you're not in them, you long to be back in. Or is this just me? Although I don't consider myself out of the trenches by any stretch, this phenomenon has already happened to me a couple of times, and it's been such a distinct heartache that I can't even begin to think about how I'll feel when we are truly in the Big Kid Years (or beyond). I am truly becoming that older woman in the grocery store who smiles and says to the young mom how quickly these years go by. When the girls were in school one morning this past fall, I found myself in the library during toddler rhyme time and I was truly

Life with Three: What's Different

So far, life with three kids isn't much different than life with two. The girls are fairly close in age (22 months) so they've been their own little unit for quite some time now, and mostly share the same schedule and interests. People have said to me that after three you can have any number of kids because you go from man-on-man to being outnumbered, but as a stay-at-home mother, I feel like I've been outnumbered since Mimi came along. The transition to three hasn't been that big of a deal (although I might be singing a different tune once George is mobile, or once preschool is out for the summer). I've actually had two or three other mothers observe that I seem really calm, and I do feel l

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