While I Wait: Filling the Easter Baskets

Hello again! Still here waiting on baby. He's not late yet so I don't want to make the statement that ALL my children keep me waiting, but it's beginning to feel that way. I've forgotten what a mind trip the very end of pregnancy is. Each weekend I am in drill sergeant mode making sure all the clothes get washed, the house gets stocked with groceries, and every little thing is taken care of, and then a new week comes and...we wait. With NOTHING TO DO. And nowhere to go because of flu season and my inability to get around. Aside from hauling my sore, aching body around after my children and not even having a chance of catching up with them anymore, I spend a lot of time Googling labor calcula

Focus + Waiting for Baby

Hello! I haven't meant to be away so long again, and have started and abandoned multiple posts, but am too tired, pregnant, and busy these days! Busy doing things and also busy not doing things. The word on my mind lately has been FOCUS. I have really intensely felt the need the past few weeks to hone in on what's important and toss aside what isn't right now. Nothing like a pregnancy as a reminder that both my time and energy have limits, and hopefully I'm getting smarter and rather than constantly pushing through exhaustion to get things done, I can throw up the red flag sometimes--something I've never excelled at. It's been all about priorities, and the things that have made the list are:

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