Summer Days

We are in the full swing of summer over here. As predicted, I think I over-committed to activities for Eloise, who has finished up two weeks of Zumba camp (a 45-minute per morning activity which was adorable but I'm still not sure if it was worth the extra effort of getting out the house by 8:30am) and has just wrapped up her first of four weeks of swim lessons. Our mornings go as such: 6:00ish: Nick and I wake up, put the coffee on, do our morning quiet time (he reads this and I am working my way through The Message), check in with each other, eat breakfast, get ready for the day. 6:45: Eloise is up, and usually gets herself in her bathing suit and makes her way downstairs. Nick leaves for

Summer + The Spinning Top

School is out and summer is here! Most of last summer was HARD. We were in survival mode. Amelia wasn't off and running yet, she was still napping for most of each morning, and Eloise napped most of each afternoon, so we were largely housebound, cooped up, and cranky. I couldn't wait for school to start again and felt pretty guilty about it. This summer I'm giving myself no expectations. It could be more of the same (although those synched up nap schedules are a Godsend and a huge benefit of having babies close in age!), or it could be great. I am hopeful for the latter. So far so good! For the past couple of months I've had the image of a spinning top in my mind. Each day is full throttle,

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