(to me, first thing in the morning) "Why do you have a little trouble talking loudly?" "Tomorrow's a really special occasion because I'm getting a baby in my tummy." "Aren't Mimi Jeanne and Eloise and Mommy and Daddy lucky to have this whole house to ourselves?" "Do cobs live in cobwebs?" "Dead is another word for slow." (while I was folding laundry) "That's some good folding mommy. It looks like you've really been doing some good practicing." "Is the face on the moon Jesus?" (in response to Amelia crying one day) "I don't know what this big old one year old wants." "I don't like that Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall rhyme. It's not fun to crack your head right?" (while watching me put on deo


WATCHING: We just finished the second season of Turn and are eagerly awaiting Netflix to add Season 3. I typically find historical shows a little dry, but I'm so glad we gave this one a shot because it's fascinating and based on real events. It's also given me a new appreciation of how much of the American Revolution took place right in our backyard! We just started Peaky Blinders and although the first episode didn't hook us, we are now hooked! And the second season of Poldark just came off eternal library hold, so we will be pausing on Peaky Blinders to go through that before it's due. WEARING: I just did some spring shopping for myself and love these pants! I'm so glad it's socially accep

How to Look More Refreshed in 25 Seconds

In college when I had loads more energy to do things like tend to my appearance, I had lots of beauty tricks and rituals that I employed. One thing I did regularly was apply this eyecolor in "Soul" in three places: a swipe directly below the eyebrows on the browbone, a small dab on the inner corners of the eyes, and another small dab on the outer corners of the eyes. In a pinch I will use my finger, but for longer-lasting results I will use this brush. Something about the color, which is a pale yellowish ivory, has an instant brightening effect. I like that it has a matte finish, too, which looks more natural to me than if it had shimmer like many other highlighters. I rediscovered my jar (s

Hope Your Weekend's Happy

(her new smile. KILLS ME with its cuteness) It's Masters weekend! The unofficial start to spring in our house each year. We make popcorn and pretend we are in Florida watching with my grandparents, which we used to do before we had kids. We also had a babysitter last night, hooray! Here are some links for your weekend. Think like a bronze medalist. Intuition is more powerful than intellect. Dutch kids aren't stressed out. Kids and chores. Have a good weekend!

A New-to-Us Author + Spring Books for Preschoolers

I am so excited to have found a new (to us) children's author whose work I love! I am a little picky about kids' books. I feel like so much of what's out there now is too dramatic, complicated, and commercial. The characters are too sassy or sarcastic. The illustrations are too busy and there are too many words on the page. Sometimes I feel like the author isn't writing for a child at all. Books I like are simple. There is a lot of white space. The illustrations are usually hand-done. The pacing is slow, and there isn't a lot of dialogue. Even for some of the ones that pass muster, I still have been known to do a lot of "editing" as I read. Most of the books that bypass all of my nitpicking

A Vow

I could tell you all about my bad day yesterday, but instead I'd rather share this poem I found today. I needed to hear it, and maybe you do too. My Vow to Soften by Rachel Macy Stafford I’ve had enough of my hard edges. I’m tired of straining my voice. I’d like to loosen up and laugh a little more, be positive rather than negative. I’d like to feel the upward curve of my lips. I’d like to surrender control of things over which I have no control. I’d like to let things unfold in their own time, in their own way. I’d like to participate joyfully in this fleeting life. I’d like to be softer toward him, toward her, toward me. Thus, this begins the process of my softening. And this is my vow: I

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