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I posted this image on Instagram this week and think it's a perfect representation of how Eloise and I generally feel about mornings. Someone hold me. She has the koala-leg-hold down perfectly, and can we agree that Nick is the best daddy? Happy weekend! I am once again running an infirmary, but am cautiously optimistic everyone will be recovered by the weekend. Here are some links I've liked recently from around the web: What would be your mom paycheck? Mine would be $139,670 (median) or $168,167 (high). My first (humble) thought when I saw those numbers? OBVIOUSLY. I liked these straightforward kids' antibiotics guidelines from a non-crunchy resource (which is where I get the bulk of my me

Filling the Easter Baskets

I am just finalizing the girls' Easter baskets and thought I'd share what I came up with this year. DRAWING PAD + GEL CRAYONS : We are in need of a little arts-and-crafts refresher and I think Eloise will love these. BOOKS: Eloise is getting the Jesus Storybook Bible (I love the looks of the new gift edition) and Make Way for Ducklings (one of my childhood favorites), and Amelia is receiving The Runaway Bunny and The Little Engine that Could. SENSORY BEADS + SCOOPERS : I first read about these sensory beads here and think they'll be a good outdoor activity for the water table. SUNGLASSES : I like that these are polarized and they look like Ray Bans! I also love these Boden ones. Other gift i

A Confession

Mondays might be my favorite day of the week. And know what's even weirder? My least favorite day is sometimes Saturday. Why is this? I still don't fully know. But if I had to guess, it would go something like this: Saturdays should be about fun, socialization, and a break from the daily grind. They connote images of rest, relaxation, and ease. Mondays are about getting back to business as usual. They bring back duty, structure and routine to the week. BUT SINCE I'M A MOM: Saturdays usually still have many duties, and the lack of structure and routine can make me cranky because my kids do well with structure and routine, and so do I. Socialization isn't always easily achieved due to nap sche

Revive Me + Thoughts on Being a Type-A Mom

It's amazing what a FUN weekend can do for the soul. My angel parents kept the girls Friday and Saturday nights this past weekend and Nick and I ventured into the city (New York. Is there another city? ;) ) to see our favorite people. First up: SOULCYCLE. (I regret my footwear for this picture, and don't worry, I didn't wear Uggs during the class. It was cold out!) I'm not usually one for intense exercise but boy was this fun. I always thought Soulcycle was a competitive thing but I loved how motivational and non-competitive it was, and the great music really helped the class fly by. Gamers for life. I forget what this particular game was called but it was like Celebrity--our favorite party


We seem to be at the sweet spot for saying hilarious things. Or maybe she'll be like this her whole life? Either way, sign me up. I I can't write them down fast enough! "Can my sister please look in the mirror so I can see how pretty she is?" "Will I go to heaven after I live on earth?" (I told her yes) "But I want to stay in our cozy house!" "What's that stinky smell? Maybe its the smell of you, Mommy. It's just the smell of a mommy smell." (when brushing my hair) "Does that hurt enough?" "I'm really attracted to cheese. But I'm not always attracted to clementines." (to Amelia) "If you can cooperate then I can respect you." "Mimi Jeanne you can sit with me if you want, sweetie pie." "Here

Winter Essentials: Stomach Bug Edition

I hope I'm a little wiser next winter and can handle the cold and flu season with a little more grace. We have had a tough winter, health-wise, and I have the hardest time focusing on anything else with a sick child (or husband) in the house. I typed a letter to myself to read next February, but then I deleted it because although it's all probably sound advice (don't go in public, don't make plans, expect constant illness and sleep deprivation) it is probably not something I'll want to read, and don't we all need a little hope? I hope that next winter is better for us, and even if it's not, I hope that I don't lose so many hours of sleep at night checking the baby monitor or listening to my

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