A Dream

Last night I had a dream that I had to go back to work, and it was my first day back at the office. I had begged and pleaded with Nick for us to figure out a way to let me stay home--we could move!--but it wasn't possible. In the dream I assumed that I would work for awhile, we could save money, and then if we had any more children I would be home with them again, and Nick told me no, I was back to work now and I'd need to stay working. Amelia was about the age she is now, and I remember walking away from her wondering how she would manage without me. Today has been just another normal day, but I've been extra thankful for the snuggles, laughs, and even the everyday mundane tasks and respons

Weekend Links

Happy weekend! I hope it's just as beautiful where you are as it is here. We've been celebrating my birthday this weekend and I couldn't have asked for better weather. And, fingers crossed, everyone is healthy--which was my only wish! Here are some links I've liked recently from around the web: The etiquette of germs. I wish EVERYONE would read and abide by this so my house isn't an infirmary for months of the year. I didn't even realize Jen Hatmaker had written this tear-jerking piece until days after I had read it, and I shouldn't be surprised--she always gets me! Kids need to play! And they don't need much else. I loved these tips from an occupational therapist on why kids are bored and s

What's Giving Me Life

When this post could easily be titled "What's Sucking the Life Out of Me." Winter illnesses keep going around and around and we've had a rough couple of weeks. But we're holding on because that's all you can do. Here's what's keeping me going (aside from the obvious things). 1. The SUN! It has been springlike lately, and today alone I've clocked about 4 hours in the sun, two with the girls (and more planned after their nap) and two luxurious ones alone during naptime! I always underestimate what an impact weather has on my mood, and despite the aforementioned illnesses, I feel inexplicably happy! Love that Vitamin D. (Last weekend's trip into the city--Central Park was a huge hit!) 2. Turtle

Photo Dump + Updates

Here are some photos and updates from life lately, which, when it rarely does allow me the time to sit down and write, I am feeling a little bit too lazy to do so! Something about the cold just makes me want to hibernate. What do you do on weekends? We are at the point where short (2-3 hour) outings are becoming more feasible, but I feel like everything is either not age-appropriate for Amelia or totally a germ-fest (i.e. indoor play spaces, shudder). Our weekends differ from week to week, of course, but our default plan seems to usually involve some kind of outdoor walk/hike followed by lunch out, because restaurant lunch is infinitely more manageable (and affordable) than restaurant dinner

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