2017 Reading List

Or, probably more appropriately titled, Until-I-Finish-All-of-These-Books Reading List. So, see you in two years :) Know what's even more fun to me than making a reading list? Organizing it! Here it goes. MOSTLY BECAUSE I LIKE THE COVER: EVERYONE ELSE HAS READ BUT ME: HISTORICAL FICTION: FOR MY IMPENDING DOWNTON ABBEY WITHDRAWAL: MEMOIR: PASSABLE YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR ADULTS: (I'm hoping for a Twilight or To Kill a Mockingbird in here) NONFICTION, PARENTING: NONFICTION, HEALTH: NONFICTION, CHRISTIAN PARENTING: INTROVERT FOR LIFE: NONFICTION, MOTIVATIONAL/CHRISTIAN: BECAUSE I LOVE HYGGE: BEACH READS: BOOKS BY AUTHORS I'VE PREVIOUSLY READ AND LOVED: Have you read any of these? Any other reco


READING: Currently and up next. I plan to do an updated reading list soon, as I’ve recently added a ton to my library queue. My winter reading list always feels a little more substantial than my summer ones—more historical fiction and fewer beach reads. SNACKING ON: Did you hear that the US recently reversed its guidelines to wait years before introducing peanuts to children, and now recommends introducing them as early as 4-6 months? One of my mom’s coworkers is from Israel, and after Amelia was born she gave me info on how Israel has a significantly lower rate of peanut allergies than the US (more here). The apparent reason? Bamba! I promptly ordered a case of it and started giving them to

Two Quick, DIY Tips for Healthy Hair

Using things that you probably already have in your kitchen! I am quite the opposite of a DIY girl. If I can buy it, I will. I am ever grateful that I have a handy husband or we would be in hot water. Winter + being perpetually overdue for a haircut + postpartum hair loss (just another thing no one tells you about before having a baby) has made for an unfortunate hair situation over here lately, and after doing some quick research, I decided to give a couple things a try. HAIR DEEP CLEANER Add 1 tsp baking soda into a palmful of shampoo, and shampoo and rinse as usual. This worked just as well as my favorite clarifying shampoo, which I haven't bought in forever because it's pricey for a tiny


"I have to take my sister because I'm in charge of her because I have to train her." (after telling her we were going to get snow) "Maybe there will be some yellow snow too!" "Know what my favorite animal is? Aphids because they're really cute." (to Amelia in her crib one morning) "Did you know that? We're always here to take care of you because you're so sweet to us." (after my mom was watching the girls one day) "I'm so glad I got a break from you with Cookie today." "undramatic" = automatic "Velcro doors" = Bilco doors "gingery" = injury "cardover" = cardigan (about Amelia) "This baby's a lot of work, Daddy, isn't she?" "Did you know that I have two daddies? Daddy, and God! Two daddie

Happy New Year

Hello again and happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We had a very merry Christmas. It was the first Christmas that I felt was truly easy. No stress, no rushing around. I used to put SO much pressure on myself as a young bride, making lists and obsessing over them. Racing around trying to make everything perfect. But I feel like this Christmas was the first one where we could focus on the true meaning of the season and I found myself soaking it in. I am feeling extremely encouraged lately. The girls really are starting to play together for prolonged periods of time, and not only is it so wonderful to watch their relationship grow, but it is so freeing to get to unload t

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