October in Pictures

Bear with me, this month has been BUSY and CRAZY. Lots of plans, lots of teething, lots of illnesses, lots of attitude, lots of hours of missed sleep. Here is a random photo dump of pictures from the month! I have a hard time buying Amelia any clothing, since she and Eloise were born in the same season and she can wear all of Eloise's old things. I splurged on a couple dresses for her this season to match some of Eloise's new dresses and I'm so glad I did because there is nothing cuter than this! (Sorry for giving you so much grief when Morgan and I would match growing up, Mom.) Matching forever! Lately, a day out of the house is seeming a lot easier than a day in the house. Nick told me tha

Catching Up

WATCHING: Narcos—two more episodes to go! And so excited for The Walking Dead to start tonight! (Although I think technically we have to wait to watch it until tomorrow because we don’t have cable so we buy the season on Amazon and there’s a one-day delay.) MAKING: Next to nothing, but when I do it's all crock pot, all the time. This is in the slow cooker for tonight, and I also made this the other day (halved the sugar and omitted the Sriracha) and it was a big hit with 3/4 of us. WEARING: My new favorite tee on repeat. Perfect shape—form fitting where you want it to be and drapey enough in the midsection but not overly so. READING: Just finished. Just starting. Have been reading on and of

Winter Wellness Essentials

Hello! How is your week going? Mine has been like this: The plague has been going around Eloise’s school and it was finally our turn to catch it. It has been a tough week or so. Once you don’t have a newborn anymore :( you underestimate how torturous sleep deprivation feels. If you are currently sleep deprived for one reason or another, I feel your pain! Thankfully, Amelia, Nick and I were spared this time around, Nick has been a huge help as always, my mom switched her “Cookie Thursday” to come up earlier in the week (part of which was spent with her playing with the girls outside while I sat in the kitchen and ate my lunch alone, sobbing with exhaustion), and starting yesterday sleep has b

A Weekend Getaway

We're back! We had a great little getaway to our nation's capital. The trip that almost wasn't! Two hours into our car ride I got a call from my mom that Amelia had fallen in my parents' kitchen and they were on their way to the ER, as she lacerated her frenulum. I proceeded to break out in tears, question whether we should turn around, and when we decided to press on, then question whether I was the worst mother alive and if my child would think I was abandoning her. So grateful to my parents' next door neighbor, a nurse, who not only recommended a hospital with a pediatric ER, but also called ahead to see what the wait times were AND drove her there! Angel on earth. Thankfully no stitches


What are you up to this weekend? Nick is running the Army Ten-Miler in Washington, D.C. and we are using it as a quick getaway, just the two of us--our first since before Amelia was born. I am SO EXCITED! Here are a bunch of links and things I've liked lately: Made me laugh. This too. "Even though most of us can easily articulate what’s killing us, few of us pay attention to what’s giving us life." Love this idea. My current list would include: waking up before the kids, Praise Baby on Pandora during the breakfast hour, and Cookie Thursdays (when my mom comes and helps with the girls--yesterday I got to take a barre class AND have extra hands at the pediatrician for double flu shots, the lux


"Are the ants sleeping in their corner bed?" (ant trap) "I like your stomach because you just had a baby. Why is that part so big?" (I told her it's not.) "Yes it is because you just had two babies in there!" "You're too little to work at Wendy's, Mimi Jeanne." (after learning that a chiropractor is a doctor for your back) "But what about a doctor for your bum?" "Daddy can you give some broccoli to your wife Kirby?" "My little sister is my favorite toy." (after I told the girls we're going to have a busy day) "I'm too tired for a busy day." (after telling her I'm getting frustrated with her behavior) "You just have to take a deep breath and count to four. It doesn't have to be a big problem.

Cozy Days

Do you know the word hygge (pronounced hue-guh)? We love that word around here. In Danish it translates to something like “cozy family time" and sometimes Eloise, who knows the word but not its meaning, can be found running around the house repeating "hoo-ga, hoo-ga." (But if she knew the meaning she would do no such thing, as the child is absolutely allergic to anything remotely cozy or cuddly.) I love the warmer months, but fall is the BEST and to me there’s nothing better than crisp weather and quiet days with family, where everyone is semi-peacefully coexisting, not too many plans have been made, and nothing too pressing or crazy is going on. We had a weekend full of hygge, and the glori

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