Life Lately

Is BUSY BUSY BUSY. Too busy if you ask me. All good things but I have been running on all cylinders. Any “free time” has been taken up by other projects, and if I truly have spare time, I’m back to my old ways and have been prioritizing rest and squeezing in a nap when I can. I had to do a double take yesterday when I looked at our calendar and saw that tomorrow is the last day of September! And October is looking just as busy, if not more so. Here is a little update, with more pictures than words because my nappers will probably be up soon. We celebrated Eloise's third birthday! Her school invites parents to have birthday carrot cake (that the kids bake at school) so Mimi Jeanne and I atten

Stick a Fork in Me

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” –Ann Lamott Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Mothers of two year olds, it is my sincere hope that the perceived light at the end of the terrible twos tunnel is real for you, because for me it was all a mirage. This “threenager” thing is real, my friends. I am so grateful that a sweet friend took Eloise pumpkin picking and to play this morning (thank you Toni!) because I am toast. It has been the kind of week where I hide from my kids in the corner with a wheel of brie. Whenever the going gets rough, I always find myself craving simplicity, and a glaring area of my life that I think this can be achieved right


Hello from the other side of a busy and great week. We got back from Cape Cod on Saturday, school started Monday, and life has been spinning with activity ever since. It is GREAT. Some people are summer people, some people are winter people, we are back-so-school people! I have always loved school, and going to back to it has always been one of my favorite things. Eloise’s first three days went really well, and it’s been so cute hearing about all the things she’s doing—and eating! Still pinching myself that her new school has catered lunch (i.e., I never have to pack snacks or lunches, or even remember to send a water bottle!), and Eloise came home yesterday telling me all about the salad sh

Cape Cod 2016

Going out of order here with a quick Cape Cod recap. We had the best time. We determined that it should not be called “vacation” when you have young children but rather “voluntary recreational displacement.” The first few trips we took after Eloise was born I remember having a hard time adjusting my expectations with what vacation was like pre-kids and how much work it is now, regardless of where you are. Fast forward a few years and I think we go into trips with our eyes pretty wide open now, and as long as we remember that it’s the same routine, just in a different place, it’s great! The girls shared a room, which they haven’t done since our Cutchogue trip in June when Amelia was much youn

First Day of School 2016

It's the first day of school! I could pretend I was sad about it but that would be a lie. We were ALL ready. Eloise has been asking me every day lately if she can go to school, how many more sleeps until school, etc. As I was taking her picture outside the school sign this morning, she asked me, “Mom, can you sign me in now?” She is her mother’s daughter, as apparently on my first day of kindergarten I marched right inside and didn’t look back, where if I had, I would have seen my mom crying into her tissue box. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of kindergarten (which is full day here) sends me into a tizzy and I can’t even think about that right now. I WILL cry on that day and probably many d


Hello! I solo-mommed it for a few days this week for the first time since having Amelia and am happy to report it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I had anticipated. The witching hour/bedtime routine felt about three times as long as it usually does, but otherwise we have all emerged unscathed. Nick actually told me that I should try and miss him a little bit because I MAY have hinted that there is less mess to clean up and I sleep much better when he’s away. Speaking of the witching hour, please tell me that by the end of the day your house looks like you were robbed, too. And that’s just one room. Overheard is Eloise upstairs making tidal waves in the bathtub, and unpictured is Nick holding

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