Life Lately

How is your weekend? I'm happy to report ours has been great. Everyone is healthy again, we made it to church just in time for Eloise's week of VBS starting tomorrow (which I have been waffling back and forth about for weeks—it seems like such a big-kid thing to do! what are Amelia and I going to do all week?!), and the girls considerately let me sleep in past 7am. And Nick and I are going on a Sunday night date, the best kind! Here's a a recent photo dump! Every morning I ask Amelia, "Where's Loulou bear?" and she scoots lightening-speed down the hall and into her sister's room, giggling all the way. Is anything cuter than matching jammies? I hope they'll let me dress them matching until th

We Are Enough

I think sometimes as moms we doubt ourselves and our worth, for one reason or another. Social media, personal expectations, comparisons with others, whatever. Do you ever feel like you’re not enough for your kids? I do, sometimes. Not crafty enough, fun enough, skilled enough in the kitchen, etc. etc. etc. And I don't think it matters whether you work or spend your days at home, or what faith you are, or how you were raised. I think “mommy guilt” bridges all these things and we all fall prey to it sometimes because we want the best for our kids. One time when I don't feel like this at all? When I'm taking care of a sick child. Eloise was really sick last week. I was beside myself with worry.

Let's Get Drinks

I normally drink three things: coffee, water, and wine. However, I've stumbled over some new-to-me beverages in the past week or so and thought I'd share here. HFCS-free ginger ale I try to always keep some ginger ale in the house for sickies, and with Eloise down for the count earlier this week, I was scouting out the beverage aisle at the grocery store when I came across a ginger ale without high fructose corn syrup, hallelujah! Very excited about this find. Kefir My new breakfast best friend. It's like drinking my yogurt! With the aforementioned sick child, I haven't had a free minute to eat anything in the morning (not that I usually do). I've bought kefir for Eloise before (this kind) b

Gifts for Kids: One-Year-Old Favorites

Back with the second installment of some of my favorite gifts to give young children. (If you missed the first installment, here are my newborn favorites.) One-Year-Old Favorites: Pull toys—We get lots of mileage out of our dancing alligator! As soon as Eloise was off and running you could find her doing laps around the house with this (which can be deafeningly loud, warning! but it's part of the fun), and she loved it all throughout her second year and beyond. We will be pulling it back out for Amelia soon! The puppy and snail are cute, too. Pound & tap xylophone—Eloise received this for her first birthday, and it's still in constant rotation (although I have to somehow acquire another mall

Weekend Links

What are you up to this weekend? Eloise has a fever, so I will be taking temperatures, serving meals on trays, buzzing around the house forgetting to eat, calling on-call doctors, sanitizing surfaces, attempting and failing to keep children separate, convincing my husband I'm not a neurotic hypochondriac, cleaning out my refrigerator, and cancelling plans. Try not to be too jealous. Here are some fun links from around the Web: This made me laugh. Because two kids two and under + summer. SO interesting! Adding this book to my library list. Three cheers for reading. I just finished this book and really enjoyed it. I’m starting this one now. And I’ve added this one to my summer reading list, to


Because sometimes you just need a good laugh, here are some of the latest soundbites from my funny eldest child. "Does the Tooth Fairy live in the sky with God?" "Why did you get a sweet little Amelia for me at the hospital? I really wanted a sweet little Amelia." "I’m tired of you counting when I’m not listening." (after Nick apologized to her about something) “It’s okay. You just have to be nice to me and not ask me to do things.” "I was hopin’ and thinkin’ that I need a baby brother." In response to the Richard Scarry book that asks, What does your daddy do? (“Work in the base-nent.”) / What does your mommy do? (“Play.”) (after seeing a black and white photo of herself) "Am I brown now?"

Encouragement for the Hard Days: Favorite Books + Devotionals

Okay, I sort of take back some of what I said about summer. The past couple of weeks have been HARD. The days have been LONG. The house has been MESSY. I've had a teething baby, a sick toddler, and an injured leg which makes chasing everyone not the easiest. Have you ever heard of a Highly Sensitive Person? I have recently been made aware of the term, and I am one, all the way. (One of my children is also one.) Mess and chaos make my head spin, and so does having everyone in the house, all day, every day. Usually when the going gets rough, the stack of books on my bedside table increases tenfold. I’m not typically one to reread books, but I do have a couple of favorites that speak to me when

Gifts for Kids: Baby Favorites

Over the past couple years I’ve compiled a list of favorite kids’ gifts, grouped by age, that our girls have used and loved. I love having this list at the ready so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time we have a gift to give. Here are some of our favorites for baby, in case you’re interested! I'll follow up with posts on one- and two-year-old favorites but naptime is running out so it will have to wait for another day! (My list has only made it through age two, since my girls are still young, so I’d love to hear any favorites for older kids, too!) Newborn Favorites: Haba rattles—the best baby rattles! These wooden rattles and clutching toys have simple, brightly colored designs that

Baking With Toddlers: Buddy's Zucchini Bread

By the title of this post you may have thought I was going to share some baking-with-toddler tips. I can assure you, I am not! I have no tips. If YOU have any tips, please share. (playing her "xylophone" after I had taken away the wooden ball she was using to hit it) To me, baking just means MORE time in the kitchen, more mess, more potential toddler meltdowns, more cleanup. More work! In the words of Eloise, “no kanks.” But with an abundance of zucchini in our garden, I’m going to have to get creative this summer, and I see at least one morning a week potentially being spent baking. Here is my grandmother’s recipe for zucchini bread. It’s tried and true and I’ve grown up on it. (Although I

Life Lately

Sorry for my absence! It was quite a week. Mornings have been earlier, naps have been shorter, messes have been messier (I texted my mom pre-7am yesterday with “How do you remove poop from a rug?”), kids have been fussier. We are all adjusting to Amelia’s new mobility which is equal parts adorable and exhausting being on 24/7 safety patrol (how did I forget about this stage?!), and I’ve been feeling like I can barely keep up with it all.To top it off, I injured my leg and am now hobbling along with the help of a brace! Frequent mantras have been “You GET to do this,” “I can do hard things,” and “It could be so much worse.” All of which are true! But it’s still been tough. Forget about what I

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