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January 29, 2020

Alice Elizabeth

December 14, 2019


7lb 14oz

She is perfection and we are so grateful and relieved that she's here. Our sweet little caboose. 

My friend Anne came to snap some photos of our family just a few days before Christmas.

Eight days old! My sleepiest baby.

Four babies in six years! I feel very grateful for and undeserving of these little people. 

Our family of six! So much love, so much chaos, so little sleep. Life is a...

November 14, 2019

Checking in with some of the latest soundbites from around here!


"Mommy when you lived in the olden days did Pop use a stone hammer?"

"Why are you more of a boss than Daddy because you tell everyone what to do and Daddy just lets us do our own thing?"

"When will all the years be over and all the people be dead? There has to be an ending!"

apartment building = "compartment building"

(after she learned to read and we took away...

November 1, 2019

Who needs to hack Halloween, you ask? When in prior years you've been known as the Grinch of Halloween (me), you (I) need a few tricks up your (my) sleeve to get through. I'm pleasantly surprised to report that we all had a wonderful Halloween, and I wasn't grinchy at all. 

George and I had a busy morning preparing all the things—candy bowls filled, dinner made, servingware set out, costumes and trick or treat bags laid ou...

October 10, 2019

Life lately is...

*Enjoying fall! The best season of them all. We've been savoring Eloise's days off and I don't think twice about keeping Mimi home on those days (since their days off never seem to coincide...) so we can have family time. It's been a treat to have Nick take a couple hours off on the mornings the girls are off from school and we've been able to do our favorite fall activities. We are soaking in these years, whi...

September 12, 2019

We're a week into school and I haven't yet caught my breath, but George is taking a longer nap and I have a few minutes before getting Eloise from the bus stop (which I'm still getting used to!) so let's see if I can do a quick summer recap.

First: Cutchogue!

This was our first time taking the kids to Greenport since Mimi was a baby, and the girls LOVED the old-fashioned carousel. And Lucharito's was a hit with all parties invol...

August 5, 2019

You know how at certain points in life, everything happens all at once? That has been this summer for Eloise—so many milestones within weeks.

First she lost her first two teeth. Then on our beach vacation (which I have meant to do a post about but blogging just isn't happening right now) she woke up one day and read half of Hop on Pop to me! A book that we rarely read, so it wasn't from memory. She also started to swim on that...

July 11, 2019

Summer is fast and loose. Three kids, pregnancy, and a couple weeks in a row of no camps—it's hard! We've had an adjustment as we've settled into being home all day, all together. It's been a bit rocky.

There has been lots of sibling fighting, lots of yelling, lots of noise, and very little down time/rest. The house is a disaster always. We've had two brutal summer sicknesses, and I'm in PT for some crippling pelvic pain....

June 28, 2019

(Last day of school photo! I can't believe Eloise is done with preschool forever!)

We are three weeks into summer and so far everyone's having a great time. The girls just finished up three weeks of camp at their school, which they loved and I am feeling smart for signing them up for because this will be the first year we're cruising into July without me feeling like I've already exhausted all my ideas (and energy) for the summ...

June 19, 2019

We have our first lost tooth over here!

Eloise bit into a cracker during lunch at camp yesterday and out it popped. Thankfully she didn't swallow it because she thought it was a seed! She then proceeded to lose it twice more over the course of the day: once into a bucket of muddy water (recovered with the help of two camp friends) and once into the depths of our metal baby gate when she pushed it into an opening (recovered by h...

June 16, 2019

poem credit: Kate Baer via Instagram

Happy Father's Day to all the dads!

To my own Dad, and to Nick, who have "handed their time and pleasures over without a sound" to raise their families. Morgan and I are lucky to have had a role model of integrity who was devoted to his family, and who now is so devoted to and adored by my children.

And to Nick, our steady ship. Our children are the luckiest to be his. He does it all tirelessl...

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March 26, 2020

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